Gila Hamtzani-Shababo (b. 1962, Israel)

Gila is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, sculpture and installation artist.

She has been artistically active for many years and studied with leading Israeli artists and art teachers.

She participated in group and solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and many of her works are in private collections.

over the years, Gila has been teaching painting and sculpture to youngsters and adults. she is also an art therapist. .

In the last decade, Gila curated some fine exhibitions at her own galleries in Zichron Yaakov and Jaffa, Israel.

Currently, she works and exhibits at her studio in Jaffa, Tel Aviv's art district.  



         14 Nitzana St. Tel-Aviv Israel




         Artist Manifesto


         Art mediates between me and myself, letting me express my inner landscape, the flies that keep buzzing in my 



         Art's tools enable me to express myself and maintain my daily balance, articulating that which is beyond words.


         For me, art is a mental necessity, expressive; I am fascinated by the work itself, by sharpening the mind, and

         the brainstorming the accompanies it. Therefore, I enjoy participating in exhibitions arranged around                         



         My work is characterized by mixed techniques and materials, drawings and splashes of color are laid one upon

         the other, expressing my inner turmoil and calm.  





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